If you have ever injured yourself while removing or dying pubic hair, or you just don’t ever want such an awful experience and would prefer some protection the Bikini Line Genie was invented by a woman who knows this dilemma and has found a way to avoid sensitive area injuries by providing a contour fitting protective shield with an easy to reach tab for convenience and cleanliness. This simple yet effective device offers not only protection; it is extremely comfortable and simple to use, easy to follow instructions accompany every box of 4 disposable Bikini Line Genie's. So what are you waiting for?                
“Finally!! A product that is specifically designed to be used in a woman's personal care! The Bikini Line Genie is the answer to protect a woman's features for those women who choose to groom in their own personal style. Made from hypo-allergenic, safe for skin contact materials, the Bikini Line Genie can be worn during tanning, waxing, grooming, or any other type of personalized care! The Bikini Line Genie allows for worry-free protection ANY time when worn. Bikini Line Genie can be worn with no fear of embarrassment”  -   Dr. Phil Sheridan, Technical Director Lendell Mfg. Inc.