“Finally!! A product that is specifically designed to be used in a woman's personal care! The Bikini Line Genie is the answer to protect a woman's features for those women who choose to groom in their own personal style. Made from hypo-allergenic, safe for skin contact materials, the Bikini Line Genie can be worn during tanning, waxing, grooming, or any other type of personalized care! The Bikini Line Genie allows for worry-free protection ANY time when worn. Bikini Line Genie can be worn with no fear of embarrassment” - 
Dr. Phil Sheridan, Technical Director Lendell Mfg. Inc.  

 “Dear Bikini Line Genie: Your product I have found has many uses not only shaving, waxing but even tanning. I hate bikini lines so this product protects my most sensitive areas from burning. Now I can enjoy tanning, too. Thank you so much”  - M. English 

 "I would like to commend the inventor of the Bikini Line Genie on an amazing and intuitive product that is beneficial to both client and therapist. Bikini Line Genie seems to bring a certain comfort ability to Brazilian waxing with the more modest of clients."  
Jacki Davis, Anew U Beauty Therapy 

 “Finally something for women who want to wax or have other depilatory services without worrying about being shy or concerned about safety”  
Malissa Romo - Esthetician and MassageTherapist, Nutone Tanning and Day Spa 

 “Hi Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful invention. I've always wanted to have a Brazilian but couldn't bear the thought of a stranger looking at my inner bits. I am a very shy girl and really needed the Bikini Line Genie”  Megan, Sydney Australia. 

 “I featured this product on the radio show I work at and the ladies that tested it, Loved it! Who wouldn't love a protective shield for down there?”  Amanda, Northeast PA 

 “It allows the client protection and a form of coverage, as some clients are very modest” Teddy Vaquera, Teddy's Facial Therapies CA